Tips for Practicing Yoga


❏ Refrain from eating a heavy meal less than three hours before.

❏ Wear comfortable clothing.

❏ Bring a reusable water bottle to class and take water as you need to throughout your practice.

❏ Inform your teacher if you have any injuries or are working with any physical limitations to ensure that you have a safe practice. 

❏ Be kind to yourself and don’t push your boundaries. Modify the poses and adjust your practice to respect your physical and energetic self.

Studio Etiquette


❏ Arrive 10-15 minutes early to register and prepare for class. 

❏ Remove your shoes in the lobby area to keep the studio clean.

❏ Please check in at the desk to register if you are new or sign in for the class if you have a pass.  

❏ If you do not have a mat, you may rent one. Please leave your mat at the desk after class for cleaning.  

❏ Please remember to turn off or silence any mobile devices to maintain a calm and peaceful space in the studio.  

❏ Stay for the entire class unless there is an emergency. Please inform the teacher if you must leave early. 

We hope you will join us at one of our upcoming classes.

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